1. alexmacpherson:

    “Men! They have actually made some music this year! Unlike all those other years! In fact, I might even suggest that 2011 might indeed be called The Year Of The Man in rock music, because I have found not one, but THREE examples of records, made by men, that I might want to include in my top ten.”—Masonic Boom, Men in Music

    This entire article (h/t Lex) is fantastic. Yes, it’s been said before. You’d hardly know it. (via katherinestasaph) Self-rebloggin’ (Katherine got this from my Twitter)

    "The Kate Bush of Man-Rock" is genius.

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    Hilarious, and very well done. This: Dude plays a HARP! Look at that! I mean, how many dudes do you know that play the...
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    "The Kate Bush of Man-Rock" is genius.
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    More essential reading.
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