1. murkytimeistimeschool:

    back cover of vas-y, charlie brown

  2. popthatrocks:

    FKA Twigs is still winning at the music video game. Likely the album game too if this single is any indication.

    LP1 is out August 12 on Young Turks.

    this song is pretty stunning, especially since the last FKA Twigs song I heard was a wispy nothing. video probably nsfw


  3. quartzcity:

    “Dear Dreiser, I’m having Fort’s Book of the Damned sent back to you. Fort seems to be one of the most damnable bores who ever cut scraps from out of the way newspapers. I thought they were facts. And he writes like a drunkard. Lo! has been sent to me but has gone into my wastepaper basket. And what do you mean by forcing “orthodox science” to do this or that? Science is a continuing exploration and how in the devil can it have an orthodoxy? The next you’ll be writing is the “dogmas of science” like some blasted Roman Catholic priest on the defensive. When you tell a Christian you don’t believe some yarn he can’t prove, he always call you “dogmatic”. Scientific workers are first rate stuff and very ill paid and it isn’t for the likes of you and me to heave Forts at them. God dissolve (and forgive) your Fortean Society. Yours, H.G. Wells”

    — /via Daily Grail

    As you can probably tell from the name of my blog, I have a soft spot for old pseudoscience and occult stuff, but this made me laugh.


  4. A Poem

    we all know that you are the worst
    that you have ruined modern life
    and made us hate everything all the time everywhere
    I ate another cookie
  5. jackiemlogan:

    Yeah, kind of. #eugeneoregon

  6. The cat that lives at the Ghibli animation studios.

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  7. escapekit:


    Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira recently completed work on his largest installation to date at Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade in São Paulo. Oliveira uses the repurposed wood pieces as a skin nailed to an organic framework that looks intentionally like a large root system. Because the space provided by the museum was so immense, the artist expanded the installation into a fully immersive environment where viewers are welcome to enter the artwork and explore the cavernous interior.

    Attn makingmodern

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  8. barthel:


     faig ahmeds Embroidered Art 

    The second one down is in the Seattle Art Museum (which seems to have gotten much better at acquiring contemporary art in the last couple years, maybe because the Nick Cave exhibit was an unexpected hit?), and it’s super rad in person, especially since the museum displays it alongside a prayer rug from the 19th century.

    Amazing stuff!


  9. Using only SONG NAMES from ONE artist/band, cleverly answer these questions.

    1. Artist/Band: Broadcast
    2. Are you male or female: Man Is Not a Bird
    3. Describe yourself: Libra, the Mirror's Minor Self
    4. How do you feel: Corporeal
    5. Describe where you currently live: Come On, Let's Go
    6. Describe your ex: One Million Years Ago
    7. Your best friend is: Illumination
    8. Your favorite color is: Black Cat
    9. If your life was a television show what would it be called: Papercuts
    10. What is the best advice you have to give: Look Outside
    11. If you could change your name, what would you change it to: Michael A Grammar
  10. scificorridor:

    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001, Shinichirō Watanabe)